Colour work

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Colour work

We love colour and it is taking over, with over 80% of women colouring their hair we would be stupid not to specialise in colour. We have professional colour specialists in salon, that are doing continued training and classes to stay up to date with all the colour trends.

Here are some past examples of colour we have done in MK Hair Salon in Nottingham:

Creative colour ombre

Lets kick it off with a vibrant red, lyndsay loves everything colour work and this look was created by her in salon on one of her regular clients. This colour with a cut and blowdry cost £80 and took 2 hours 30 minutes. With all the after care advise you will ever need to maintain this look, this client revists every 8weeks to maintain this look. (this is a highmaintance colour)

Blonde foilayage

The blonde foilayage the go to trend at the moment with this look taking over 2019, we are loving it. Foilayage is similar to a balayage which is freehand paint but we pack it will foils to get a brighter blonde and white blondes. Freehand painting means we can change the colour placement depending on the individual clients style. No placement would ever be the same which means you get a complete unique look. (This is a medium maintenance colour)

Natural Balayage

Balayage is freehand painting but for a more natural colour and look. This is using no foils or heat and just letting the hair do its thing with lightening colour products and air. No toner was used on this balayage and including a cut and curly blow-dry it only cost £80. This colour would need an appointment every 12weeks.  (very low maintenance colour)

Hair Balayage in Nottingham City Centre

Copper Blonde colour blend/melt/bleed

This look is a copper blonde colour blend/melt/bleed different salons use different terminology, this look is a dark root blending into a middle colour then blending into the end light colour. So it looks like the start colour has melted all down the hair creating different colours. This colour was perfect for Autumn and easy to lighten to blonde for summer time. Appointments needed every 10weeks. (This is medium maintenance colour)

Dark Brunette ombre

An ombre is still blended but has more of a definite colour contrast between the first colour and the end colour, achieving a more dramatic look this is amazing with bright colours. Appointments needed every 12weeks. (This is low maintenance colour)

Lagoon Blue creative colour

Creative colours are your vibrant, poping and eye catching colours. The ones that stand out in a crowd, it’s not often you see blue hair, but it works and looks incredible. Appointments needed every 8weeks due to fade factor. (This is high maintenance colour)


Hair Balayage by hairdressers in Nottingham

Full head colour

A full head colour is an all over even colour of just one tone, normally when changing  colour or if you have a high fade factor colour you will need this. Normally after a few full head colours you can go to just a regrowth/root colour where you just have your regrowth coloured to avoid over lapping and unevenness. Depending on the colour appointments are needed every 8-10weeks.


Highlights can be a full head, half head or parting. Full head is all your hair weaved into highlights and packed in foils to create the desired look. Half a head is the parting and front half mostly ear to ear. Parting is just where your parting sits and sometimes around the hair line if worn up alot. Different colours can be achieved with highlights. Appointments needed every 8weeks. (This is a high/medium maintenance colour)

Full head bleach/lightener

This is the most high maintenance colour, as you can see its even, clean and beautiful. This requires at home treatments minimum once a week, milkshake silver shampoo used at home to maintain the colour. Unless you want to be educated and do alot of at home work I would not advise this colour as if not looked after properly can go discoloured and very damaging. Appointments needed every 4-6 weeks.


Full head colour



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