Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect way to create long, luscious voluminous locks. Perfect for hair of all shades and textures, hair extensions can transform your appearance, promoting confidence and helping you achieve that style you’ve always wanted.

Clients can choose from a range of options. From temporary clip-in pieces, wefts and weaves in which silky human hair is added. Typically lasting just one-two weeks, temporary hair extensions can add rich vibrancy to your hair for a special occasion.

Semi-permanent hair extensions can be weaved into existing hair in pieces. Typically lasting for anywhere between 6-8 weeks, clip-in semi-permanent hair extensions or invisible tape extensions are almost undetectable, regardless of whether hair is worn up or down.

Permanent hair extensions give clients that sublime hair texture and appearance all year round. Clients who desire that sun-kissed look can choose balayage hair extensions in Nottingham City Centre. Affixed strand-by-stand using a plethora of attachments, professional micro look or micro bond permanent hair extensions have proven to be very popular for, not just clients with a desire for that sun-kissed look but, all manner of hair colours, textures and lengths.

As a creative and client-centric hair extensions specialist in Nottingham City Centre, MK Hair has the acumen and experience to advise clients on the type of hair extensions best-suited to your purpose – length, colour and texture of your hair.

The Treatment

Visit MK Hair and you’ll be treated to cutting-edge hair extension treatment. Our hair extension technicians have formidable knowledge, and significant experience, affixing hair extensions to hair of a wealth of hair lengths and textures.

We use only cutting-edge hair extension techniques. We will effortlessly match the colour tone of your hair with extensions – or are happy to create a tonal contrast to give your hair depth. We use 100% human hair and promise a seamless finish.

Once bonded to your existing hair, you’ll immediately notice a transformation. The time taken depends on the amount of extension you intend to have bonded to your hair. However, when booking an appointment, it’s always wise to allow for at least a few hours.

When the extension treatment has been completed, we recommend the correct aftercare. This will include everyday maintenance, brushing and sleeping and lifespan. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to maximise the longevity of your extensions.

The Cost

Hair extensions can prove costly. However, we believe in promoting affordable services to our clients. As part of our customer-centric service offered at our hair salon in Nottingham City Centre, you’ll find our hair extensions to be very affordable – making them great value for money. Contact us today for a quotation.

We recommend that clients consider what type of extensions they’d like. Short-term extensions – such as those affixed for a wedding or special occasion may not be suited to clients with designs on keeping their long luscious looks.

At MK Hair salon in Nottingham City Centre, hair extension treatment costs do vary. We will outline all treatment costs at your initial consultation, allowing you to decide which is the best option for you.

Contact Us

We offer a FREE hair consultation for all our clients. Whether you’re interested in hair extensions, professional hair styling and make-up for an event or a cutting-edge haircut or style, call MK Hair Salon today on: 0115 941 4613 or email us at You can also contact us by filling out the enquiry form here.

We advise our clients to call ahead and book an appointment to avoid disappointment. We are open 5 days a week, Tuesday-Saturday.