Price List

A few important notes before you read our price list!

1. All Colour Services require a skin test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

2. All new clients requiring Colour Services must have a consultation before.

3. All Colour Services will have to pay a deposit which is half of your bill.


This is the most important appointment thats why we offer a FREE consultation for all clients. Consultations allow yourself and your stylist to get to know each other, have a relaxed chat and start or continue your hair journey. During this time your stylist will ask about your hair history, take a look at your hair type, current colour, condition and alot of other factors. This helps determine the steps we need to take to get you to your desired colour or cut. Consultation approx 15 minutes.

Cut and Styling Prices:

Cut and Blowdry                            £30.00

Restyle Cut and Blowdry              £35.00

Blowdry                                           £20.00

Weave/Wig Cut                               £25.00

Perming                                           £ by quotation

Gents Cut                                         £15.00

Child Cut(under 12s)                     £15.00

Teenage Cut(under 16s)               £25.00

Milkshake treatment                    £10.00

INNOluxe Treatment                    £15.00

INNoluxe intense Treatment     £20.00

Styling Prices(on freshly washed and dried hair):

Hair up                                             £30.00

Sleek Straightening                        £10.00

Beach Waves                                   £15.00

Glam Curls                                       £15.00

Colour Service Prices:

All Colour work includes Cut and Blowdry!

Regrowth Colour                              £60.00

Full head Colour                              £70.00

Parting highlights                            £50.00

Half head Highlights                       £65.00

Full head Highlights                        £80.00

Balayage                                           £80.00

Balayage and Regrowth Colour    £100.00

Creative Colour                                £100.00

Colour Correction                            £by quotation

Long Hair Surcharge                      £10.00

Toner                                                 £20.00

Milkshake Treatment                     £10.00

INNOluxe Treatment                     £15.00

INNOluxe intense treatment       £20.00

Student discount on services Tuesday to Friday ONLY ask in salon for details.

Loyalty cards available, ask in salon for details.

Referral discount when referred someone to the salon ask in salon for details.